Therapy offers a unique, non judgmental, relationship which encompasses confidentiality, honesty and empathic listening. Counselling is an opportunity to explore any personal, emotional and practical issues. I offer support, space and time in a professional, safe and dependable environment empowering you to work with your presenting issues and feelings to make positive change and deal more confidently with your life.

I offer face to face counselling for individuals short or long term. I can also offer Telephone or Skype Counselling for (english speaking) adults anywhere worldwide.

Telephone or Skype Counselling may be the preferred option for people who live in remote areas, housebound or who would prefer this instead of face to face counselling.

I offer couple counselling for couples who are having difficulties in their relationship. I aim to help couples achieve: better communication, a more stable family life, an improved sexual relationship, greater awareness of your partner's needs, reduced jealousy and increased confidence.

An initial interview is used to assess and identify the presenting issue and a plan of therapy is discussed which constitutes the counselling contract.
The counselling sessions are for 50 minutes and are usually structured on a weekly basis. The number of counselling sessions are individual and vary from person to person.

Rob Counselling